New Album From Ceili Rain Hymns & Hers

Bill Bleistine first joined the group in July 2003, and is now the longest-tenured drummer in the Ceili Parade! Bill played on all four of the most recent CR discs: “Whatever Makes You Dance,” “I Made Lemonade,” “Manuka Honey” and “Hymns & Hers.” The greatest beauty of Mr. Bleistine is the inner beauty. This is a terrific guy, always treating everyone he meets with respect. He is a fabulous band member, as he pitches in and makes the calls for rental cars, arranging for PA and accommodations at venues, taking the marching drum on the plane (oy, what a pain), doing whatever task comes along that needs tending to. And Bill is super-personable, always reaching out to the audience before and after a show, always making everyone feel special. Bill is also passionate about the Ceili music & mission, and relishes the freedom he has to interpret the songs in his own way.

Bill's wife Aly is his greatest booster, and he wisely seeks her "better-half" counsel along the road of life. Bill's drumming skills are most evident when he takes his "Hug Yourself” solo, but his ensemble playing is also amazing! Hailing from Lebanon, PA, Bill started playing drums at age 10, and has played live since age 14. He played for years in cover bands and Christian bands in PA and then when moving to NJ. Bill made the move to Nashville in 1999 in pursuit of his dream to play original music on a bigger stage, and was there until July 2013 when he moved to the Cincinnati area. Lucky for us all he didn't stay in PA/NJ! Long may he sit in the Ceili drum chair!

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